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The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith So I did not think The Cuckoo's Calling was brilliant. In fact, this being my first Rowling, I was a bit disappointed. Not sure I would've even finished it had it not been written by her. I liked Cormoran Strike a lot...enjoyed the other characters' names, too. And I WAS truly puzzled by the mystery. For me, when the villain is revealed, it's a bit of a stretch...and you never really "see" Cormoran solving the mystery. Rowling gives hints that Cormoran is on to something, and lets us know HE'S figured it out...and then it all wraps up a bit too nicely. There was a great attention to detail, sometimes 2 pages were devoted to describing a single incident or thought, but this got old for me. I might give #2 a try...unless I get lazy...