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Faithful Place - Tana French WELL...i'd prefer to give this 3.5 b/c i liked it more than 3 but not quite 4. i hate to sound unappreciative but the Dublin dialect drove me nuts. French is a terrific writer, especially when it comes to emotion and conveying a character's most intimate thoughts. there's something very brutal yet beautiful about her monologues. i also appreciate her characters' honesty. finding out what happened to rosie is almost secondary to the family dramas...alas, there is more than one, which is entirely appropriate. as i write this, i realize i liked Faithful Place much more than i thought when i initially closed the book. a few things didn't ring true...frank's daughter holly's entrapment of shay (really, she's only 9) for one. the folks in Faithful Place are real...maybe that's what i like...so i'm going with a full 4! (still, In the Woods is by far my favorite...)