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The Burning - Jane Casey "You can change everything about yourself - the way you look, the way you talk, the way you behave - but you can't escape what you truly are..." so says Louise North, one of the multi-faceted characters in Jane Casey's The Burning. I remember reading a review before starting this book that indicated it was less about the serial killings taking place in London parks for whom the book is named, and I found that to be true. However, it matters little...I enjoyed this book immensely. It was a compelling read with good characters and more than a few twists. I thought the opening chapter was fabulous, and I appreciated the way Casey alternated chapters between Maeve, the young DC trying to make a name for herself, and Louise, best friend of Rebecca, the supposed latest victim of the Burning Man. I loved how we went back into Rebecca's past in an attempt to find her murderer, and how Casey does the same for Louise. Maeve is a great character who reminded me of a British Kinsey Milhone, a ringing endorsement indeed!