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Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens i received an advance reader edition of chevy stevens' "never knowing" - i should've read the fine print, or at least given the prospect of reading it for the purpose of reviewing it more thought, b/c i found that i could not get past the main character, sara, who was adopted, discovering that she was conceived as a result of rape. for this reason, it would be unfair for me to give a rating to "never knowing."

admittedly, the serial-killer-as-father plot line could very well be a red herring. the book jacket suggests twists and turns so perhaps i'm jumping ship too quickly, but the notion that the main character's father was a serial killer was just too distasteful to me. in addition, i tired quickly of sara (a bit of a whiner) and her comments and complaints about her adoptive father's obvious lack of regard and love for her. no doubt his reasons become clear as the novel moves forward?

i'm sure i'm missing out, but it's a chance i'm willing to take. that said, i did enjoy stevens' writing...and all those four-star reviews can't be wrong! i'd like to give her another chance by reading "still missing."