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The Passage - Justin Cronin wow...a five star read for sure...these don't come along often and i savored every line. this book is a behemoth, i never thought i could/would finish it, but i loved every page. everything about "the passage" is great...the story, the characters, i loved the way cronin made up an entirely new world with its own language...virals and smokes and flyers...littles and the sanctuary...it's about way more than vampires. cronin expertly evokes a sense of dread throughout much of the novel, but hope as well. for me, a novel is successful when i find myself thinking about the characters when i'm not reading, and itching to get back to it. a fine read in the vein of stephen king, who actually contributes a recommendation, this novel reminded me of his earlier works, no small feat. my only quibble, if i must, is how the novel feels like the screenplay for a film. i REALLY hope cronin didn't write it with that in mind...