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The Swan Thieves - Elizabeth Kostova let me begin by saying that The Historian ranks as one of my all-time favorites. i could not have been more excited when i learned about The Swan Thieves. sadly, i feel as though i've just wasted a month of my life, if not more, on this huge, meandering, boring, schlocky novel. UGH. so many times i shook my head, amazed that i had to finish it, amazed that i felt guilty NOT finishing it, but i felt a loyalty to kostova and The Historian. i just KNEW it would get better. how could someone write a novel as wonderful as The Historian follow up with this?? i kept thinking, hoping there would be a reward at the end, some revelation that would make up for reading it, but now that i'm done, i find that i just don't care.

the characters were hard to knowor like...it was difficult to believe that marlow would have fallen in love with BOTH of robert's loves (b/c believe me, if he'd spent more time with kate, he surely would have.) i didn't like any of them...and the women were just perfect. never a false moment from these two. the only parts of the book i enjoyed were those with beatrice and olivier. their quiet passion made up for the simpering of the others. and then at the end, robert just walks away.