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T is for Trespass - Sue Grafton my sister told me about bookmooch.com and i became a member almost 3 years ago. initially, i gave away a ton of books, and racked up so many points there was no way i would ever recoup them. i decided i might as well try to collect a few things...nancy drew books being the first. then i decided it might be cool to collect hard covers of the sue grafton alphabet series. i'd read almost all of them, and actually, i think kinsey was my first foray into detective fiction. to give credit where it's due, she is probably my adult nancy drew! anyway, i successfully "mooched" all of the sue grafton novels, through S. i think i bought T when it came out last year, but just shelved it along with the others.

i came down with a URI after christmas, and a kinsey tale seemed perfect for the recuperation period. and oh was it ever. T is for Trespass has got to be one of the best of grafton's series. there's not a false note anywhere. i was worried that grafton's writing from a perspective other than kinsey (solana) would be off putting, but once the story grabbed me, it didn't matter. i read T in less than 48 hours. i love kinsey for so many reasons...she's smart, funny, and down to earth...i find myself doing a lot of "oh yeah, i know EXACTLY what she means..." it doesn't matter that she's stuck in the 80s. you truly never notice it.

it becomes a bit personal in T. but kinsey handles it with her usual aplomb. love that girl, she's so awesome. and T is definitely a 5-star read. kudos, sue, kudos. i'll be devastated when you get to Z.