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Across the Endless River - Thad Carhart i very much enjoy LT's Early Reviewers program, and i received "across the endless river" through it. i've been in a reading slump for over a month, since finishing "the shadow of the wind." i was hopeful "river" could pull me out of it. unfortunately, it did not.

"river's" subject matter intrigued me, as i know little about sacagawea, other than her association with lewis and clark (and her appearance in the ben stiller flick, night at the museum - sad, i know!). anyway, i also adore historical fiction. while i found "river" to be well written in a technical sense...and apparently, well researched...it was SO boring. the characters were cardboard, one dimensional - they never come alive on the page, and there's little conflict, if any, between them. i just couldn't get excited about them or their lives. perhaps the story would have been more interesting if the author had focused on sacagawea, b/c she was clearly ahead of her time. i feel bad not giving it more than two stars, b/c it's perfectly...serviceable...and that's my problem with it. i want more than that. life's too short for perfectly serviceable!!