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The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Katherine Howe well, as a co-worker is overly fond of saying, i found "the physick book of deliverance dane" to be underwhelming. the premise was good - grad student researching colonialism finds her own ancestors have a few surprises - but i thought the characters were pretty lame. narrator connie spends most of the novel irritated with her new-age mom, and knows next to nothing about her own heritage, which is odd since she is a ph.d. candidate in...history. and you could expect a surprise at the end of each chapter, that's how predictable it was (reminded me of nancy drew books.) i found it to be rather boring, and often read through the paragraphs quickly, looking for the good parts. to be fair, it had some neat ideas...spells hidden on recipe cards, dog vs. cats as familiars, and a loving setting in marblehead, mass. there were a few chills and maybe one or two nice surprises...overall good, but not great.