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Darling Jim - Christian Moerk i'm SO bleary-eyed this morning from obsessively finishing darling jim last night at 12 a.m. i was lucky enough to score a copy from Library Thing Early Reviewers program. i love books like this!! i thought it was a fabulous read. mr. moerk created such terrific images, and the story was shrouded in a constant creepiness. (darling) jim was scarier than any wolf, one of the scariest characters i've encountered in a long while. i loved the stories within the story, loved the three sisters and found moerk's characterizations to be really good. i enjoyed the irish setting and his use of the local slang. some reviews have mentioned that parts of the story were hard to believe (for lack of a better word), and therefore, distracting, and i do agree with that. i didn't buy the girl in the cemetery, didn't buy the droves of jim's women fans who flocked to Castletownbere either. but it didn't matter...i enjoyed it too much to care.