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Cutting for Stone - Abraham Verghese well done...very well done. i'm exhausted...at 534 pages, i have been thoroughly engrossed in the lives of marion and shiva stone for close to a month. this book had tons of layers...lots of heart and love and warmth and heartbreak and squirm-inducing scenes. cutting for stone is the sort of book i love...crossing time and generations and taking me to places i've never been and will probably never go. and the title is great, too. even it contains tons of layers.

a few minor quibbles...i never felt as though marion was a REAL character...he almost seemed too perfect. i found it hard to believe his pure and true love for genet. shiva was hard to know, too, and i thought some of the story got lost in the medical details. also felt it dragged a bit during their childhood(s). other characters - ghosh, thomas stone, hema, sister mary joseph, even matron - were much better fleshed out than marion and shiva and had better "stories." still, cutting for stone is captivating. read it.