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Etta - Gerald Kolpan etta is a fictionalized account of what the sundance kid's girlfriend's life MIGHT have been like. mr. kolpan clearly loves his subject and it seems disingenuous not to give it a better review, but while i enjoyed the story, i had some complaints. first, i thought etta was too perfect...she is described as breathtakingly beautiful - stop and make you turn around beautiful to men, women AND children - yet she alludes capture for an offense as serious as murder for a long, long time. we never actually see her fall in love with harry longbaugh and all of the sudden, the sundance kid is ready to kill for her, and he breaks his long commitment of not killing to do so. she saves the president, she rides a horse no one else can ride, she impersonates annie oakley, eleanor roosevelt falls in love with her...all while being pursued by a twisted former accompliance, the philadelphia mafia, AND one of pinkerton's finest. it was all just a little too perfect and unbelievable. perhaps that was the intent, maybe it was all supposed to be taken lightly, and if so, then i can admit to missing the point. i did enjoy the story and realize the author did and is allowed to take some liberties...it is fiction after all!! i should add i read this book as part of the library thing's early reviewers program.