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The Heretic's Daughter - Kathleen Kent during some passages of the heretic's daughter, tears rolled down my face. the harshest of lives, i'm not sure i could've survived it. i loved the writing, such wonderful metaphors described such horrible times. i liked the character of sarah a lot, and until about half way through the novel, had little sympathy for martha and what i believed she was doing to her family. i liked that as a reader, i saw martha the same way that sarah did, as cold, mean and uncaring, but the more i read, i began to see how much she loved her children and the huge sacrifices she made for them. and like sarah, i came to appreciate and even admire her parents...i came to understand their goodness and the lengths they went to ensure their children had better lives than they...

i'd like to give the heretic's daughter four stars, but felt the first half dragged just a bit too much. still, a wonderful read and glad i took the journey.