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The Master Bedroom - Tessa Hadley i started the master bedroom, hesitantly b/c i'd read other not so great reviews on a few other book sites, but i really really enjoyed it. the characters, while not exactly likable, were fascinating and real. the dialogue was snappy (i thought the lack of quotes would bother me but it didn't). i was prepared to dislike kate, who was entirely self centered and vain, yet she grew on me. i really enjoyed ms. hadley's writing, she envoked a sense of place very well. even tho some of the characters were less than appealing, she was able to convey their inner emotions, making them very human. i was, i'll admit, a little perplexed by suzie, not sure what was going on with her; in fact, i think her storyline was a little weak, but it did contribute to david's therefore serving a purpose. am looking forward to reading more of tessa hadley's work. p.s. i would agree with allisonmariecat's review, wherein she says the book description sounds "seamy" but it turns out to be anything but...