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Sarah's Key - Tatiana De Rosnay i found sarah's key to be a painful book. i had never heard about the French police round up of the country's Jews and the Vel' d'Hiv'. i couldn't stop thinking about the boy left in the cupboard, absolutely could NOT wrap my mind around the implications of that, or how the characters in the book could get past it either. (and in fact, sarah did not). while reading about the other main character's (julia) travails helped cut some of that anxiety, i found her storyline to be contrived, esp. her daughter (who seemed way too wise for 11) and her husband. i totally didn't buy falling julia falling for william. it feels disingenous to not give the book a better review, b/c i think the premise was great, and the author does a great job of educating others about the roundup, but i just didn't think it was THAT well written. and again, the child in the cupboard...i was compelled to finish it to find out what happened, but i did have to put it down for a week...that very thought was just too upsetting.