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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak the book thief is truly a wonderful book...i LOVED it. the theme of the book is quite apparent in the juxtaposition between the main character leisel's family and the horrible events of WWII. i wondered if having Death as a narrator would bother me, but the character was one of the best in the novel, and he foreshadows events in such a humorous (i know, it seems unbelievable) and lovely way that they aren't sad. rather, i found myself oddly comforted.

it was interesting to me that the author chose the viewpoint of non-jewish germans, as opposed to those of the persecuted jews or even the nazis. i was amazed at his presentation, time and time again, of the enduring human spirit...not in huge heroic moments (although there were some of those) but in the everyday things. when the book ended, i was in tears, but it was so cathartic. cannot recommend this book highly enough. it's about fate and love and books and fabulous words. and, the last line of the novel...unbelievable. it'll simply blow you away...