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Nefertiti - Michelle Moran I knew next to nothing about Nefertiti. The book begins as Nefertiti is married to the "new" pharaoh (who might have actually killed his brother), and she takes her sister Mutnodjmet along as her handmaiden. While the powers behind the throne know the pharaoh is unstable, they are hopeful that Nefertiti can keep him in line and they can continue to rule as they have for centuries. Well, the best laid plans...the people of Egypt do indeed LOVE Nefertiti, she is only able to exert so much power over her husband, and in the end, ruin and the plague come to Egypt. Her powerful family does survive, but at what cost?

I thought the author did an excellent job of creating a sense of place...I could see and smell the Nile, and I truly felt transported to ancient Egypt. And it continues to fascinate me how these women were forced to dedicate their lives to their families' success at court. Turns out, Egypt had its own Boleyn girls.