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The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls - Anton DiSclafani "...I sometimes thought, isn't that always the way? A dull girl charmed by a book." i'm not sure i liked thea atwell, but at least she was honest. disclafani does a great job of depicting thea's inner struggles. the mystery lover in me kept reading to discover what horrible transgression sent thea away from her family. i could identify with thea...being propelled by some inner force and not being able to stop herself...and feeling bad about feeling free. thea's transition to adulthood is a painful one, as she navigates the dangerous waters w/o her parents, who seem incapable of parenting and/or dealing with life in general. it's sad how thea's perceptions of her family, her twin and indeed her life change as she initially endures Yonahlossee and then grows to appreciate it. and yet, isn't that what "growing" (up) is all about??